Our Story

Who is ?

Everyone….and no one.
Let me explain… It’s a bit of a story, a short story, our story.
It began…not quite sure where or when, childhood perhaps, but now it was time. Tony decided he would, at last, become a bee-keeper. Just one hive, no great expectations, no ambitions. Simply for the love of bees.
He began exploring the practicalities of good bee stewardship. Then, in the fullness of time, he took receipt of his first hive. He was in bee-keeping heaven!


had attended a number of meetings at the Auckland Beekeepers Club.  One day I decided to go along, to learn from the experienced and take a few photos. Bees were Tony’s passion but I was becoming curious, I wanted to know what the buzz was about….

On that sunny summer’s day something happened. Something deep, something profound…. something had changed. A feeling of celebration and joy, accompanied by an incredible lightness of being…. It felt quite magical!

In an instant, or at least at that meeting, we both knew that we would become a commercial venture…what am I saying?!….a commercial adventure, a quest, a mystery, an open door….it was an invitation. One which we gladly accepted.

And so our journey began…..

Our product is MEAD, made from locally sourced honey, artesian water and the patient, guiding hand of the Mother.
Our pleasure is to create a beautifully crafted wine for your joyous occasions.

We have produced a mead that is smooth, warming and full of flavour. An ancient drink for a modern world.

Mead… just for you.

We hope you enjoy it.